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John Baylies wrote:

I think it may be best to keep feedback loops within algorithms.

It’s not too tough to create a feedback loop using the H9000’s physical IO, but it could be dangerous to allow feedback loops to be made any more easily than that, unless precautions are taken.

You can always plug a single ADAT cable into the H9000’s ADAT IO to create inter-FX chain feedback loops.

I’m intrigued by the idea of this but can you give an example of how this inter-FX chain feedback loop could be patched? Normally I have my FX Chains routed through my H9k Dante card and although I’ve looped an ADAT cable back into the H9k I am little perplexed as to how I bridge the Dante paths to/from the ADAT paths. Which algorithms would be best for experimenting with this technique?