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John Baylies
chriscarter wrote:
I'm intrigued by the idea of this but can you give an example of how this inter-FX chain feedback loop could be patched? Normally I have my FX Chains routed through my H9k Dante card and although I've looped an ADAT cable back into the H9k I am little perplexed as to how I bridge the Dante paths to/from the ADAT paths. Which algorithms would be best for experimenting with this technique?

Since you have a Dante card, you can use Dante Controller to make a loop that the H9000 can use to route audio from FX Chain outputs to inputs.

I've attached a preset file for algorithm #9101 Digital Delay. Using that preset in a feedback loop allows you to use the mix knob as a feedback % knob. You can add three more algorithms to the chain that'll effect the sound every loop.

In Dante Controller, assign your H9000's Dante transmitter # 3 & 4 to Receivers # 3 & 4, and to your DAW / monitors. This only works if the H9000's Clock Source is set to Dante. Otherwise there is a lot of white noise.