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Similarly curious about Eventide reverb programs in general. I don’t have a H9000 so mostly going off my experience with the H8000FW. I agree that there are a lot of really great sounding, useful reverb programs in the standard library. There is enough there to mix a hundred records. The only criticism I could see is that they are really uniform. Aside from Blackhole of course, almost all the reverbs are based on the REVERB_A through REVERB_D blocks, which all have a sort of similar topology. 

There are some programs which are named “PCM70 something” or “AMS something” but these aren’t to be taken too seriously because they are still based on the standard reverb blocks, and have little to do with the actual topologies used in those devices. All the rack units from the last 20 years have all of the basic building blocks needed to make say Lexicon-ish sounding reverbs, but they never shipped with anything like that. I wonder if this was a deliberate attempt to differentiate the product’s sound, or maybe to avoid messy IP disputes? Perhaps you guys just like the Eventide signature topologies better?