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Thank you Nickrose for your help. It did seem to be related to a specific preset perhaps, as it didnt seem to happen on the more familiar ones I have used. On both occasions it happened I believe when browsing through some patches. However, based on what you say, this may be a normal little hang up because of a particular patch and doesn’t have to be a hardware issue per se? Might it be that a certain patch is ”overloaded” (for lack of a better word) an audio signal too hot or something and this cause the error? If it happens again, which seems like it might, I’ll try to see if I can re-created the issue again.. 

The depth of this machine is quite something, and far exceeded what I had in mind tbh, especially when it comes to the patches I never even touched yet like ”sound effects” or ”Science fiction” patches. I’m too scared even to click on half the patches because I’m scared of frying something or doing something wrong. The lightning bolt symbols next to some of the patch names defo makes me a bit nervous :