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I’m sorry if I sound like a bit of a noob regarding this but I have some questions regarding how to record the audio from this. Obviously the AD / DA converters on the Orville are renowned. The person I bought the unit from said many of the pro engineers didn’t use the digital ins/outs as the analog converters gave the singal a pleasing qaulity. However, when recording out the unit into my DAW I am using a somewhat ”budget;; soundcard, focusrite.

Something makes me feel that perhaps this is un-doing all the good things the converters in the Orville have done? I can somehow save the audio files onto the unit maybe? I see a memory card slot but I don’t have the card and looks like some legacy thing. Can someone please enlighten me a bit on this? Sorry if posted in the wrong place, otherwise please let me know where to ask! Cheers! 🙂