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Eventide Staff
ssgrfk wrote:
Outside of using the Analog Ins / Outs, i was considering the MADI expansion option which looks like it caters for all the KHz rates i will need for the medium term future..  But when i read up on MADI, it seems to work at XXX KHz, 24 Bit, and i was wondering why this is.. and also, does this matter?

There are very few specialized recording interfaces that track higher than 24bit, and it's meant for preventing clipping, like for recording special effects or subject matter with abrupt or unpredictable transients. For music, there is close to zero need to track at 32bit.  If you're gain-staging and tracking properly, there's no need for 32bit. Regarding MADI, again 24 bit is more than adequate for pristine audio.

ssgrfk wrote:
Does the H9000 have a Maximum Bit Depth that it runs at? as i could not find any information on this, within the manuals and specifcation documents.. 

24 bit, 96 kHz is the max specification it currently supports, though be aware that not all algorithms work at 96kHz. For a complete list of these, visit this link: https://www.eventideaudio.com/support/downloads/list-h9000-algorithms-wont-work-96k

ssgrfk wrote:
currently my Ableton settings are set to record @ 32 Bit.. and im wondering if this might be unecessary..

Again, if you're tracking properly, making sure signals are not clipping, and using proper micing technique, there is no need to track at 32bits.