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Convolution reverbs would be VERY nice, even Eurorack modules have them now!


I actually don’t think the H9000 is a legacy product as you can’t use all the classic ALG’s from the earlier machines, this to me is a strange decision as there was just SO much good/genius/classic stuff from the older devices that could’ve been used if they were compatible, compatibility REALLY should be made to work, otherwise all that stuff is just going to be lost to time, what a waste!

I find things like the Strymon incredibly boring compared to the H9k, yes much better verbs can be made on the H9k but you will have to program them yourself for now or just combine ALG’s in Emote, which takes no time at all, get stuck in and you will be rewarded.

Yes there have been teething problems but the potential of this machine should be able to blow everything away if Eventide can keep the updates coming, It feels like either new ways of getting programmers to create stuff for the platform need to be deployed or some way of open sourcing things out to need to be dreamt up, more help is needed so it seems.

I think if older Eventide ALG’s from previous machines are made compatible and some new modern ALG’s are made this machine will be legendary.

What about a Eurorack version of vsig, like the Poly Hector, a lot of work I know but I think an epic plan to incorporate all  this needs to be made asap!