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Eventide Staff
J20056 wrote:

I am adding a new request. Is there a way to create a Favorites folder/selection for all of FX Chains. Algos and Presets? I spend so much time scrolling or filtering…

There is currently no way to set favorites, but this has been requested before and is a high priority for us to add to a future release. In the meantime, you can save your presets with a custom tag such as your initials, and when you search that tag all of your presets will show up. 

You may also find that using the Scene Capture feature will improve your workflow when creating scenes. For example, if you are changing TriceraChorus presets, rather than scrolling to the bottom of the list every time you can instead load your new preset in the algorithm slot and then capture the new scene (right click the scene text and select "Capture Scene"). If you are only changing one preset with this new scene, you can simply delete the extra actions that were added with the capture. This could be a much quicker workflow for you.