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I use the Axe FX3 along with an H9000 for recording, but not for live use, although it would be pretty easy. For noodling around I just connect to the H9000 through the different analog outputs and inputs of the Axe FX 3 with cables. Usually Out3/In3 or Out4/In4. I do have a patch bay in between so it is pretty flexible. For recording though I use a more complicated setup. I will record the guitar from the Axe FX 3 directly to my daw through an Apollo X6/X16, along with a S/PDIF of the input signal so that I can re-amp later if I want to. This is where the H9000 becomes a lot of fun. I can re-amp the original input signal of the guitar through the Axe-FX 3 and then into the H9000 for FX. The amount of flexibility and creativity is limitless. The two work together fantastic.