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      For a number of reasons, including the Ida hurricane that flooded my basement, I am considering a radical move away from real amps and cabs and switch to an AxeFX3. I would want to continue using the H9000R still. I was wondering if anyone has experience using both together? In particular, I was wondering if the USB interface of the AxeFX3 can be used to connect to the H9000 USB, which would provide a very convenient way to have 8 inputs and 8 outputs between the two units?

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry to hear about your flooding damage. 

      You won't be able to connect the H9k directly to the AxeFX3 via the USB B ports on both units since both of the units would be expecting a USB host (the computer) and neither would be able to fill that role. If you use Mac, you should be able to create an aggregate device and could route the audio between the two units using a DAW. You would also have the option of using the analog I/O in combination with the S/PDIF or AES XLR I/O. 

      I believe there are other forum users who use both units together so I'll let them chime in. 

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      I use the Axe FX3 along with an H9000 for recording, but not for live use, although it would be pretty easy. For noodling around I just connect to the H9000 through the different analog outputs and inputs of the Axe FX 3 with cables. Usually Out3/In3 or Out4/In4. I do have a patch bay in between so it is pretty flexible. For recording though I use a more complicated setup. I will record the guitar from the Axe FX 3 directly to my daw through an Apollo X6/X16, along with a S/PDIF of the input signal so that I can re-amp later if I want to. This is where the H9000 becomes a lot of fun. I can re-amp the original input signal of the guitar through the Axe-FX 3 and then into the H9000 for FX. The amount of flexibility and creativity is limitless. The two work together fantastic.

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      Hi everyone!

        Yes, you can go into 4 stereo pairs of the h9000r using each of the outputs available on the Ax3.  You will need to have all of those blocks in the layout chain and use according to what set of Effect chains you want in the H9k. I would not return to the Ax3 because the tails of the effects will be cut off. Instead, I run all outputs to an Ashly mixer then to the to FOH. You just need to be a little clever with your Ax3 preset programming. I am doing this method similarly with an AxeUltra and a GCX switcher to orchestrate the signal path and it works great! I thought of upgrading to the 3 but I really didn’t “need” to. Also- Emote 2.0 solved all of my midi preset change woe’s- Thanks Guys!!!


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      I have both as well (though the full H9000, not the R) and use them in much the same way, the main difference being that I route between the two using the AES interface as a kind of send/return in the Axe-FX grid. Then I’ve got patches that specifically use the H9000.

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      I own both. I really dont use them in this way but you can definitely connect your devices to use together.

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