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Hi everyone!

  Yes, you can go into 4 stereo pairs of the h9000r using each of the outputs available on the Ax3.  You will need to have all of those blocks in the layout chain and use according to what set of Effect chains you want in the H9k. I would not return to the Ax3 because the tails of the effects will be cut off. Instead, I run all outputs to an Ashly mixer then to the to FOH. You just need to be a little clever with your Ax3 preset programming. I am doing this method similarly with an AxeUltra and a GCX switcher to orchestrate the signal path and it works great! I thought of upgrading to the 3 but I really didn’t “need” to. Also- Emote 2.0 solved all of my midi preset change woe’s- Thanks Guys!!!