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I would go for pro level stuff. The problem is if you use consumer gear your input to the eclipse will be too low for a proper SNR and the output back into the amp will not have enough headroom to handle the spurts and peaks of the eclipse, which runs at +4dbu NOMINAL with +26dbu PEAKS (= pro line level, not consumer -10dbV or prosumer +4dbu [which is really more like “high” instrument level, not true line level)
Modeling will give you digital I/O and stereo capability (the eclipse really needs stereo to function properly)
Axe-FX 3 or a Kemper would be good
Analog: Will require two amps or one amp with a pro mixer like the SAMSON SM-10 to pan effects to one side.
Many around here including those who work for eventide have had success using Boogie amp FX loops such as the Mark Series, DC5, or a stereo power amp like a 50/50 or 2:90.
P.S. If you are going analog, make sure to use the XLR inputs and outputs on the eclipse, even if they are being converted to 1/4 TS unbalanced, avoid using the 1/4 jacks on the eclipse especially the inputs.