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If you can find the input specs of the power section you are using it could be adequate, you need +20-30dbu headroom to run rack system with no compromises. If it meets these specs you could use two and have a cheap stereo config.  Of course you can always, for now, run the loop with the preamp send high and lower the output on the eclipse outputs, so the eclipse can do its thing better…

You’re going to want a SPLITTER with +20-30dbu rated inputs and outputs with balanced connections (check the specs on the products you buy, this is important)

1U rackspace examples
digital interface splitters (1U rackspace): MOTU 24Ao, high end RME UFX II, etc
these are cool and getting better and better w less latency
analog splitters: e.g. RANE SM26 or 82 (newer ones have switching power supplies)
these are tried and true method zero latency, but more circuitry