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Hello Badaboom, and congratulations on your new H9000R!

If i understand correctly, the H9000 can process up to 4 FX chain, so max 8 ins and outs.

The answer to this question depends on the I/O of your unit. In reality, each effects chain has up to 32ch channels of I/O. For example, say you run four 8-channel algorithms per FX Chain. That’s how you get 32. 32×4 is 128 channels! Obviously, to achieve these counts, you’d have to  invest in expansion MADI/Dante cards and use all the available I/O on the back panel.

If that’s the case, what advantage does one have by going Dante or USB, 32 channels (16 ins and outs) ?

Precisely. That, and using USB/Dante/Madi/ProTools, you can get to 96K.

i was woundering what advantage i would have from going Dante on the H9000R. Thanks,

Anytime you can get H9000R on a network you can route audio anywhere in your studio that supports Dante. Likewise, any instruments on the network can easily be routed to the H9000R. Also, higher track counts and higher sample rates.

Thank you for your questions.