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Just wanted to check in with Eventide team on this update.  I ran the update on Windows 11, and it all ran really well.  In the past, I’ve had issues around Emote crashing when I try to retrieve updates, but this time it as flawless.  I also updated Emote on my Macbook Pro (2021 M1 running Monterey) and connected via the network, and it worked flawlessly as well.  VSig on both work well.  The only issue I’ve had is when there’s already an open algo in VSig, and I try to load another, on Mac, if I haven’t closed the previous algo before opening a new one, VSig crashes.  Not really a big deal, just a small workload change for me (make sure to save and exit before opening a new algo).  Overall, this has been the best update experience I’ve had to date running a firmware update on the H9000.  We see folks in the forum trying to get things working, and I just wanted to acknowledge that a lot of times, these things just work and no one says anything and we all just go about our day, as though it’s normal.  Thanks for the great experience.