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Hi John,

Got my Cisco router, did two manuals on how to configure this for Dante….

No luck yet, but…

On my Old Macbook pro I managed to use Virtual Soundcard and I got Ableton on that MB to send audio into the Eventide. But as soon as I route back the audio to my MB and AFTER I selected the correct audio channels, stuff starts to hang again.

I also managed to send sound from my MB to the Galaxy and then into my imac DAW. (pointing me more in the Eventide direction).

So I thought it might be network related, since the MB has a static IP as recommended. So I also changed the iMac Pro (My main machine) to the same settings, but for some reason my Virtual Soundcard on that Mac does not turn green and I can’t even get to duplicate my tests.

So I have a bit of progress. but I also have a life. ARGG.

I have no clue what all this can be and I like to think I am no computer dummy (I write software as well), so how can we get this resolved?

I just wanted to circumvent the annoying sync procedure I had to do with the aggregated device with the USB connection.

Can we maybe do a screen sharing session or something?

Could it be my H9000R Dante Card?

Should I add another network cable for the secondary port?