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thanks tbskoglund for your prompt reply, and sorry for my delay.

I understand about Save. But why would a preset’s i/o settings not be saved so that a Bypass returns all these levels to 0dB? What is the thinking behind that please? The entire FX chain has it’s own i/o setting, so why would individual Algo i/o settings be separated from the other saved Parameters?

Live onstage, I want to be able to activate an Algo which may require a boost or a cut in level (f.e. PitchFuzz often requires a few dB tweak up or down). When I switch the Algo off, I want the level to return to normal (i.e. 0dB). That is how it works on Eventide H9s and all the stompboxes, it is logical, to my mind.

Perhaps the only option is to MAP the i/o settings change to a CC on a MIDI controller at the same time as MAP the Bypass? If you could help with that, it’d be great 🙂

Many thanks