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      hello Support,

      in the h9000 ALGO window we have these knobs/switches

      How can we save a setting for “in gain” / “out gain” for an Algo so that when we hit BYPASS, the knobs return to 0dB?
      It seems that the “in gain” / “out gain” are not saved as part of the Algo, even though the knobs are inside the Algo window

      afair, on a H9 or Eventide stompbox the changes in the Output volume are saved as part of the Algo, so that when you hit BYPASS, you return to 0dB




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      Eventide Staff


      There is no setting for the input/output gains to return to 0dB when bypassed. When you bypass an algorithm, the input/output gain settings are not affected.

      However, you can save the input/output gain settings in your algorithm presets. In the menu bar, if you select Preset > Save, then this algorithm preset will include your gain settings. You can also save an FX Chain preset that will include each algorithm’s gain settings within the FX Chain.

      Let me know if that clears things up for you.

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      thanks tbskoglund for your prompt reply, and sorry for my delay.

      I understand about Save. But why would a preset’s i/o settings not be saved so that a Bypass returns all these levels to 0dB? What is the thinking behind that please? The entire FX chain has it’s own i/o setting, so why would individual Algo i/o settings be separated from the other saved Parameters?

      Live onstage, I want to be able to activate an Algo which may require a boost or a cut in level (f.e. PitchFuzz often requires a few dB tweak up or down). When I switch the Algo off, I want the level to return to normal (i.e. 0dB). That is how it works on Eventide H9s and all the stompboxes, it is logical, to my mind.

      Perhaps the only option is to MAP the i/o settings change to a CC on a MIDI controller at the same time as MAP the Bypass? If you could help with that, it’d be great 🙂

      Many thanks


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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Luedmo,

      The algorithm bypass preserves the input/output gain levels because this is necessary for the “bypass tails” feature to work correctly. If you wanted bypass tails on, but the output gain was at a lower volume than when the effect was engaged, this would result in the effect’s tails not sounding natural. We have discussed the ability to change the bypass settings so that the input/output gain levels are also bypassed, and this is something that may be added to a future update, but I can’t promise if/when this will be added.

      You can very easily setup a footswitch or MIDI message to bypass an effect and adjust your input/output levels at once by mapping both parameters to a Function. You can see in my attached screenshots how I’ve configured both parameters to be mapped to Function 1, and I’ve assigned a MIDI CC to work as a toggle switch to go from 0-1. When the effect is engaged, the input gain is +6dB, and when it is bypassed the input gain is at 0dB. You can even go further with this and map all of your algorithm gains values and bypass switches to 1 function with minimal effort. If you decide that you want a different MIDI CC or footswitch to control Function 1, you will just need to remap the function and all of your linked parameters will remain.

      Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 3.08.08 PMScreen Shot 2022-02-28 at 3.08.27 PM

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      Thanks for the advice on MAP – I will try all of that and report back if I find anything else out 🙂

      I now see why i/o is set the way it is, and hope that an update will happen in future. H9s are great for small gigs, h9000 for studio and bigger gigs. Ideally, we should all be able to save presets as seamlessly as possible between both


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