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I’m using H9000 with the Fireface UFX+. UFX+ allows me to split the 64 madi channels available, so I have 32channels via MADI coaxial, and 32 via MADI optical. However, it’s not possible to choose which comes in first in Totalmix FX, optical or coaxial (it’s optical first, then coax). ¬†Also, the MADI expansion of the H9000 only supports 32 channels, and I don’t think it’s possible to reassign those 32 channels to channels 33-64 within the MADI i/o of the H9000.

I don’t have the HDSPe MADI FX, but I believe that same is true there. You can’t reassign / move the MADI channels around within different physical MADI inputs. (only within the same MADI input /stream, and only when daisy-chaining devices that support assigning to specific channels within the MADI stream)

I remember there was a feature request for reassigning and moving all the channels around freely in TMFX, but this idea was discarded by RME, as it would make things too confusing to manage.. (I believe this would be true for most users)

But at least you can always hide the channels you don’t need in TMFX.