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tbs – thanks for the response..!

yeah, so.. i’m still not having much luck.. i tried the same USB cable on both machines (the one that came with the 9000..) and i tried different ones (that i know work..) and nothing changes.. there’s no hub or extender – the USB is plugged directly into the back of the imac.. and i tried all 4 ports!

i’ve tried both direct i/o and fx chain..

the 9000 is for sure seeing the input coming in, it just won’t transfer over USB. a strange thing i found was the meters on the face of the 9000 recognize that there’s a guitar plugged into a preamp, plugged into XLR 1 and ‘analog 1’ shows the meter lighting up. but emote (in the fx chain..) doesn’t recognize an input, and it’s meter doesn’t light up, but the meterbridge input does. weird. (picture below for that..)

Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 10.46.33 AM

i tried the oscillator and the outputs work fine: both XLRs and all the dsub outputs (digital and analog..)

i tried updating to monterey, and i tried a clean install of catalina and i tried rolling back to emote 2.0 – no change.

i downloaded logic and garageband and those both DO recognize the input.. but, with the same problem of emote meters not lighting up in the fx chain – maybe thats why reaper doesn’t recognize the inputs?

when i leave all the connections the same and switch the USB cable to the old computer, all the inputs transfer over USB no problem and the emote fx chain meters light up.

it seems like because all the outputs work over USB, that the USB IS being recognized, and it seems that because the emote fx chain meters aren’t lighting up, maybe there’s something there thats causing this?

not sure what else to try…