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Hey zap

what an horrible fear that is!

Try this:
-remove the card from the Eventide
-power it on and press & hold the PROGRAM key *after* the relay clicks and hold it…
this should take you to a screen saying ” Do you want to lose the current program and load MUTE?”
<YES> <NO>
obviously press YES
The unit will unload any preset that was stuck in its currently processing memory and reboot.
That *may* help!
The important detail is that you don’t have “Europa” stored inside the machine RAM.

When trying to load H8000 presets to the H7600 you *must* look at the I/O indication of that preset. That tells you how many inputs and outputs that preset needs to use. “Europa” is a 2/4 inputs/outputs I designed long ago on the mighty Orville and is also available on the H8000. It won’t run on a stereo machine like the H7600. That might be the problem.
When you want to try things like that, it’s much better to work the preset on Vsig *before* attempting to send it to a stereo machine.
You can always contact me here: http://www.italodeangelis.com/it/contatti/

Good Luck with the amazing H7600!