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first two (1-2) message “values” are 64 and 5; these select controller/”parameter number” 8197
second two (3-4) message “values” are 0 and 0-9; these select bank 0-9
the CC’s used to transmit the 14-bit messages are CC#99, 98 and CC#6, 38 and are always the same for 14-bit controllers (relay bypass, bank select, soft key virtualization, etc)
after system receives message #4, it should respond. Because of the unique CC’s for each of the four messages, the order should be independent, but I dont have unit in front of me to test order

N.B. use SysEx if you dont want to use 14-bit… its also described in previous post above…
N.B. make sure your device midi settings are sane: base channel #, SysX=ON vs SysX=OFF, etc.