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      I would like to be able to control the patches of the H3500 from my DAW (Digital Performer). I created my own Midinam file but am having a problem. I can select the H3500 patches 00-124 from Digital Performer, but when I try to change to patch 500 and above, it doesn’t work.

      Does anyone know why this is or have a solution?




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      Without having H3000 in front of me, I think you use ID mode on H3000 rather than regular map mode… (sends out number of 0-9 and also 0-99 to make a program change)

      “When using the “ID” program change method, programs with numbers greater than 127 can be accessed by changing the bank number.
      To change the bank, press {Bank=0} and turn the knob. When the bank number is set to 0, programs 0 through 99 will be loaded with program change numbers 0 through 99. If the bank is set to 1, programs 100-199 will be loaded. If it is set to 2, programs 200-299 will be loaded, etc.

      There are a couple of special cases:
      For program change numbers 100-127, the bank number is ignored (programs 100-127 always loaded).
      To load last edit, set bank to 10 and send any PC 0-99.”

      N.B. In order to set Program Changes to respond to bank select, enter “MIDI Program Load Functions” [press FUNCTION button 4 times]
      set the options ( Map ) ( Pgm=ID ) ( Pgm=On ) (Bank=0)

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      Thanks so much for you reply.  This worked for me.

      One last question: Do I need to manually change the bank number on the Eventide every time I want to switch to a different group of values, or can this be programmed in the software patch list somehow?



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      H3000 can use sysex for bank select which, can be troubleshooted through sequencer if necessary.

      hex: F0 7F nn 02 01 0c 00 00 00 00 0b 00 F7
      dec: 240 127 0nn 002 001 0cc 000 000 000 000 00b 000 247
      nn = device # (hit FUNCTION 3 times, then select expert, e.g. (Dev = 0) (SysX=On ) )
      c = midi channel # (0 thru 15 for 1-16)
      b = bank # (o thru 10)

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      There is also a LSB/MSB 14-bit style midi method parameter change version of bank select, using system defined parameter number

      My records say parameter 8197 (2005H)  value 0 to 10  (0 thru 9 is first digit of H3000 program #, 10 is last edit)

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      Usually its the simple method of sending bank select 0-9 on CC#0 followed by program change message of the other two digits in the preset (0-99). May be worth fiddling around with…

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