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      I would like to be able to control the patches of the H3500 from my DAW (Digital Performer). I created my own Midinam file but am having a problem. I can select the H3500 patches 00-124 from Digital Performer, but when I try to change to patch 500 and above, it doesn’t work.

      Does anyone know why this is or have a solution?




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      Without having H3000 in front of me, I think you use ID mode on H3000 rather than regular map mode… (sends out number of 0-9 and also 0-99 to make a program change)

      “When using the “ID” program change method, programs with numbers greater than 127 can be accessed by changing the bank number.
      To change the bank, press {Bank=0} and turn the knob. When the bank number is set to 0, programs 0 through 99 will be loaded with program change numbers 0 through 99. If the bank is set to 1, programs 100-199 will be loaded. If it is set to 2, programs 200-299 will be loaded, etc.

      There are a couple of special cases:
      For program change numbers 100-127, the bank number is ignored (programs 100-127 always loaded).
      To load last edit, set bank to 10 and send any PC 0-99.”

      N.B. In order to set Program Changes to respond to bank select, enter “MIDI Program Load Functions” [press FUNCTION button 4 times]
      set the options ( Map ) ( Pgm=ID ) ( Pgm=On ) (Bank=0)

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      Thanks so much for you reply.  This worked for me.

      One last question: Do I need to manually change the bank number on the Eventide every time I want to switch to a different group of values, or can this be programmed in the software patch list somehow?



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      H3000 can use sysex for bank select which, can be troubleshooted through sequencer if necessary.

      hex: F0 7F nn 02 01 0c 00 00 00 00 0b 00 F7
      dec: 240 127 0nn 002 001 0cc 000 000 000 000 00b 000 247
      nn = device # (hit FUNCTION 3 times, then select expert, e.g. (Dev = 0) (SysX=On ) )
      c = midi channel # (0 thru 15 for 1-16)
      b = bank # (o thru 10)

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      There is also a LSB/MSB 14-bit style midi method parameter change version of bank select, using system defined parameter number

      My records say parameter 8197 (2005H)  value 0 to 10  (0 thru 9 is first digit of H3000 program #, 10 is last edit)

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      Usually its the simple method of sending bank select 0-9 on CC#0 followed by program change message of the other two digits in the preset (0-99). May be worth fiddling around with…

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      hi! i’m very interested in this as well. do you now have a working midnam file for the h3500? if so, would you be willing to share it?

      thank you!!

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      i am using pro tools and have figured out how to send program change (0-127) to the H3500. It’s working!

      however, i can’t seem to get the H3500 to respond to CC#0 banking (0-10)

      i’m using the built in pro tools parameter change tool. i’ve got Controller 0 set to 5 and then when i choose parameter 19, it only goes to 19, not 519 (as i want).

      i can manually move the bank on the H3500 to bank 5…but this defeats the purpose.

      any ideas? anyone?

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        There is also a LSB/MSB 14-bit style midi method parameter change version of bank select, using system defined parameter number […] parameter 8197 value 0 to 10 (0 thru 9 is first digit of H3000 program #, 10 is last edit)

        will send the details later, will be almost identical to this post, but on 8197, instead of 8196:

        H3000 Bypass with MIDI message

        CC#0 didn’t get added until later units, as far as i can tell

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      i am on an H3500 DFX….

      how do i send on Parameter 8197…i actually have no idea what this is…

      i am kind of a midi novice, but have gotten pretty far getting this all almost working….i would love to figure out how to do this internal to Pro Tools, but i also have a Arturia Keystep Pro. Maybe that can send the 8197 parameter? or is there a stand-alone mac app that can send this?

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      14-bit MIDI uses *two* 7-bit number messages for each controller/value instead of *one*, making 16,384 points instead of 128 (standard midi)
      1st/3rd Message: Most Significant Bit; 2nd/4th message: Least Significant Bit

      (1) CC 99, value 64 (MSB)
      (2) CC 98, value 5 (LSB)
      (3) CC 06, value 0 (MSB)
      (4) CC 38, value “x” (LSB)
      x=bank number 0-9 [first digit of program number] e.g. send 5 if Program # is 510
      (5) send standard program select message for the other two digits (“10” for 510)

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      ok, i think i understand.

      do i use a sequencer to send these 5 commands sequentially? is “value” the same as velocity?

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        first two (1-2) message “values” are 64 and 5; these select controller/”parameter number” 8197
        second two (3-4) message “values” are 0 and 0-9; these select bank 0-9
        the CC’s used to transmit the 14-bit messages are CC#99, 98 and CC#6, 38 and are always the same for 14-bit controllers (relay bypass, bank select, soft key virtualization, etc)
        after system receives message #4, it should respond. Because of the unique CC’s for each of the four messages, the order should be independent, but I dont have unit in front of me to test order

        N.B. use SysEx if you dont want to use 14-bit… its also described in previous post above…
        N.B. make sure your device midi settings are sane: base channel #, SysX=ON vs SysX=OFF, etc.

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      i actually got it working. thank you.

      now i can build a whole custom layout with all the h3500 presets on it. wow.

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        Great to hear! Which method did you get to work?

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      I was able to send all 4 midi cc commands and that worked. I ended up using Soundflow to execute the commands, as that will also be the platform in which i build the custom ipad layout. it’s gonna be cool!


      when it’s all done i’ll post the “deck” to the soundflow forum for everyone to use for free and i’ll link it here

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