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Okay I got this basically figured out. I can only do it monophonically for now– ie, only one shift– but here’s how it works.

1. Set up an EXT controller in setup to read “note on”. This actually tracks the note number in addition to the note on message generally speaking. You press setup until you come to the EXT menu and then use whatever one you want. I used EXT#8 in my case.

2. I set up StShifter which is 162 in the factory presets. You press parameter, edit FXA, and then HOLD DOWN the pitch parameter and it’ll give you a menu. On the second screen you have source, which you set to EXT#8 in my case. The type I set in the first screen is “bipolar” which I think means both up and down.

3. Here’s the tricky part. On the second screen you hav a “scale” param. For whatever reason, this appears to need to be +/-6340 at least in bipolar mode. The reason you need to do this is then an octave on the keyboard causes a shift of 1198 cents. You could prolly get the number more exact, but I’mnot sure it will respect tempering. Maybe this’d work better w diatonic shift? In my case this works fine.

If anyone is interested i can post pics or a vid, but likely, no one is interested. 😉