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Matthias Adloff

If you mind to define “crackle”…

To be honest, in the days of having Weiss MK3 and Eventide Omnipressor as plugins and still being able to buy brand new, working hardware originals like the Manley M/P, Neve Portico or EL Distressor or whatever, I never had the idea to use the H9000 for any compression stuff, but it was a real nice experience to check this one out!

My findings: Yes it ruins the sound (if you mean that with crackles) especially in the bass range, but it also has some magic to it, in the typical 90ies style! Don’t forget, this algorithm is probably 25 years old. So we can call it genuine, as if we would still use a TC Finalizer or something like that. If time has come and the 90ies sound is ‘en vogue’ again, you will love this one. For a classical concert or a modern RnB recording, I would (definitely!) not recommend it.