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Speaking from the perspective of a developer whose company updated our entire product line of nearly 20 plugins for M1: I would be entirely happy if the folks at Eventide devoted their resources to other issues with eMote and the H9000. First, given that eMote doesn’t process any audio itself, the performance gain of an Apple Silicon version vs. what we have now will probably be unnoticeable. Second, making some educated guesses about how eMote is built and being intimately acquainted with those tools and libraries, the work involved in moving eMote to Apple Silicon will be not insignificant. In short, the cost/benefit ratio is large.

I run eMote nearly daily on an M1 Mac Mini, the same model of Mac that we used for updating my company’s products. The lack of an M1 version is not keeping me from enjoying the H9000. I’d much rather that the networking problems and occasional crashes I encounter were fixed, as well as the VSig problems, the recently reported Undulator problem, etc. were fixed before anyone spends any time on an M1 version.

Just my $0.02 worth, of course.