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Hello, Sorry to hear this has been an issue for you. When you save your DAW project, if an instance of Emote is present it should save the state of everything on the H9000 within that DAW project. To recall this, you just need to open your DAW project, open the Emote window, and you should be prompted to restore that state.

Two comments, one question:

I’m not getting prompted to restore the state when I reload a DAW project. Seemingly it just happens.

Is it really the case that Emote window has to be opened in order to restore the state? If so, I humbly suggest that this be changed so that the Emote plugin always restores the state upon loading the DAW project. It shouldn’t be incumbent upon the user to remember to open a plugin’s window in order to restore its state. My customers would scream at us if our products worked like this.