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tbskoglund : after many testsn honestly I think it’s a bug. I work in the VG industry, so I know what bug report is, so let’s go :

MacOS 12.6, M1 max Emote 2.0.5(1) H9000R 2.0.5(2) : 3 bugs so far :

1- when you select “note on” on a trigger source and that you make it learn the note, the learn function works for the first trigger source, but if you add another, it’s not working  (i tried increment, then decrement for example). I tried different midi sources, always the same result.

2 – “toggle”, “velocity” and “trigger” in “note on” do not work on a switch that needs to be toggled. I also tried a lot of options, USB included : it’s broken (trigger works only once, though)

I hope that helps !

Puppeteer : I thought the toggle feature was always on the target device, not on the midi controller ?

Thanks for your answers ! 🙂