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If I understood correctly, reading between the lines of different interventions here and there, the company has to survive.

They made the bet on ARM-based architecture 6-8 years ago, which gave them much more issues than expected. The H90 project was launched before these issues emerge with the intention of switching to this new technology, both with the successor to the H9 and the flagship H9000. Everything was delayed and in consequence the balance was disturb between expensive research&development and the production of effects pedals that sell like hot cakes. The priority had to be put on hot cakes.

This is to say that if Eventide holds up, I’m quite optimistic that all will get back on track: the H90 will give margin to come back to algorithm development and debugging of the H9000, since two products can handle these fruits of labour (at least ARM based development).

This is my analysis, I am certainly wrong on many points, but the truth should not be totally opposite.