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My comment about the future isn’t meant to criticize Eventide. It’s just an observation about time and well-meant (albeit secret) plans. H9000 probably has one of the smallest user bases. Nevertheless, given the scale of the investment and the unit’s potential for improvement, we are not out of line expressing our hopes and frustrations from time to time. An H9000 purchase can be regarded as a vote of confidence in and support for one the industry’s storied innovators. We have no reason to think Eventide will any time soon cease to turn its energies our way when possible. BIG LOVE for the E folks


this is fair enough. I think or wonder how many cross Fractal Audio users also use eventide? I like to think FAS as the gold standard of support. New firmware drops for their flagship processor monthly at minimum. Then features trickle down from there.
however FAS has basically 3 relevant products all sharing the same architecture. Eventide sells and must support plugins, pedals and the H9000 all in many different platforms. I like to think the 2 companies are around the same size but I may be wrong.
I think most of us H9000 users would like algorithms to START on the H9000 and trickle down the product line. It would make sense. The H90 is a new product and maybe at 899 they needed to offer something unique to attract more demand. Who knows. I do know they said specifically they’re working on getting us those algorithms so I’m not concerned. There are so many ways to bend sound with this box to want more is just for the sake of wanting more.