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For me, the promised features mentioned here on the forums played a big role when making the decision whether to buy the H9000 or not. With the promised feature set the unit would make a perfect fit for my studio+live setup. However for now, I’m still waiting for many of the features mentioned years ago. I thought they might be added within a year, maybe two. It’s been over 3 years and none of those major features have been added.

I would feel very differently if nothing was said of the upcoming features and I just bought the H9000 for what it is / was. It’s an amazing unit already.

However, features were promised, and on the other hand I wanted to support Eventide in their endeavors of upgrading the unit’s feature set, so I went ahead and bought the single most expensive thing I’ve ever purchased! (I’m not working in a large studio. I’m just a guy that saved for a long time and paid more for an effects unit than what I’ve payed for a car) I paid premium, this was sold as premium, and I think for this price it’s not too much to expect premium support too, and at the very least have the promised features delivered in a timely fashion. It really seems that Eventide pushed this beast out, and then quickly focused on other things instead of delivering the promised features and new algorithms.

I’ve been patiently waiting for the updates, and I’ve been asking about any progress about once a year, not to keep bugging too much. Now I feel that maybe I haven’t kept bugging enough. I understand that Eventide is a relatively small company but at the same time, it was Eventide that sold this unit (and it’s upcoming features) to us.

The comment ”we are still working on H9000 development among other projects.” worries me a little. To me it really sounds like priority has been shifted elsewhere. Hopefully this is not the case.

I’m still eagerly waiting for:

-running of 2 algos per core when in 44,1/ 48kHz. Yes, that’s 32 algorithms running simultaneously! As said, that’s possible with the current hardware already and only needs a firmware update for H9000 to support this.

-More flexible routing and level adjustable sends inside the H9000, the ability to route between different dsp’s and fx chains.

-96kHz support for more algos

-New algos developed purely for the H9000.