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Guys………Eventide is a small but dedicated company struggling to stay alive through this supply chain shortage that has shut the doors on other comparable businesses. I have met many of their staff and they dont deserve this. I understand the frustration, I too own an H9000 as well as other products but maybe cutting them a little slack here is in order.

While I’m not overly critical of the delivery schedule of Eventide, and understand a small team and the constraints inherent in it, supply chain issues doesn’t really fly for firmware updates, in fact quite the opposite. If waiting for stuff to be delivered is holding up production of hardware and new products, that’s a good opportunity to work on updating firmware for existing products already delivered to customers.

Seeing that the H90 has just dropped, I can understand that resources have been focussed on that. It looks like a good product that should be popular, so hopefully that will keep the doors open for a while and it seems as if the development of that will support us H9000 users, and now that it’s out, hopefully some people can be swung over to the H9000. Yeah it would be good if we got all the goodies first (talking about the new H90 algorithms), but honestly, none of us have come close to tapping the potential of the H9000 as it stands now.

The user base doesn’t seem to share their creations all that much here. I know that on the Kurzweil side, while Kurzweil did release the occasional extra patches and updates, the vast majority of sounds, and most of the gold was user content, and even now there are still new patches been released for the K2000 by users, and the same with H8000 users (a few in particular built some amazing stuff, which I wish we could port to the H9000). Heck we have VSIG for the H9000, so we can get under the hood and build our own effects algorithms, and even if we aren’t good at getting our hands dirty at that level, you can always share chains and presets.

Frankly, I’m glad the H9000 is still under development. Hopefully Eventide never stop developing it. Yes there are still a few rough edges, but Eventide have indicated that they will be addressing them, and have been pretty open about being resource constrained. Would I like to see stuff fixed sooner? – Yup. Am I willing to wait a bit for those changes if it means that development will be ongoing? – absolutely.