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I just want everything at 96k. Everyone works at 96k now. The computers are fast and good enough now to mix hundreds of tracks at 96k.

96k across the board is all I want. The rest I can deal with. Although combining the power of processors would be nice as well.

I know the H9000 was always a thrown together product with some hardware and software limitations due to the change in hardware technology and that it was rushed out because everyone was demanding one. Things obviously didn’t port over as smoothly as they thought they would from the H8000.

It’s frustrating when the new algos from the stompboxes and software are always at max 48k. When they are even included. There must be a reason for that. There must be a reason that they can’t be ported to 96k like some of the older ones that are still lingering. So just say it’ll never happen instead of just kicking the can down the road. And if it’s possible, that should be priority number one IMHO for the next update.

I get that it’s hard to keep working on a product that doesn’t sell a lot and it’s already been a big time and money suck. Especially when the pedals and repackaging current technology into new pedals and software is quicker and more profitable.

But the H9000 still doesnt feel like a flagship processor for the 2020s, it still seems like 16 H9s in a box with some helpful routing software. The H8000 was amazing on release then became iconic in its production time, with groundbreaking updates and tasks and algos that only the H8000 could do.

The H9000 isn’t even close. Perhaps it is a different time and the H9000 isn’t selling enough or is profitable enough for Eventide to bother. It would be nice to have some of these long standing requests taken care of but I know they have to keep units moving, people paid and the doors open as well.

But if certain walls have been hit and some things won’t ever be achievable, then come out and say it.