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Guys………Eventide is a small but dedicated company struggling to stay alive through this supply chain shortage that has shut the doors on other comparable businesses. I have met many of their staff and they dont deserve this. I understand the frustration, I too own an H9000 as well as other products but maybe cutting them a little slack here is in order.

I fail to see what supply chain issues have to do with software development. At the least they could dropped a few small incremental bug fixes here and there this year to show some kind of activity on the flagship product.

who knows? I’m not going to assume Eventide’s operational needs during all the unprecedented market conditions over the last 2 years. Maybe personnel needed to be redeployed to other projects? The H9000 seemed like it was always the fat. During normal operations you can throw a guy on it, but when the belt tightens they need manpower developing what will bring in the most revenue.
I’m not even saying that’s what it is. I can be dead wrong, but I can understand that. Short of an eventide employee coming on here and telling us there will be no further development for the 9000, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.