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Hello Cyberpunx!

I‘m afraid, people are little shocked by the length of you message and number of questions 🙂 I‘ll try to give my opinion on some points. May by it could be usefull for you. If you look at the algorithm schema of e.g. DlyPlex, you‘ll see, that the dly lines are in parallel and then mixed togeter. Therefore it should not matter, in which order the numbers are. At least that is my understanding. You asked about methodology, how to set the dly lines. I think there is a lot related to real physical effects. Try to emagine your sound source and the listener in a particular space. What kind of space is it (stone chamber, soft living room)? How many obstacles are there? Which wall is the closest to the listener! Which reflection arrives him first? Etc. That should help to set the reflections (delays).

Have you already read this article? http://www.kevindoylemusic.com/education_dimension/
If not, I would highly recemmed doing that. Knowing that technik you can build a dozen of spaces using different algorithms. Don‘t forget that your ears is a fine tool that can easily recognize false spaces. So always listen, while tweaking the values.

Btw. thats the only approach that I see for tweaking the verbs in the expert mode. The dly network is not documented in the algorithm manual. Which is an issue, of course!

Speaking about detuner settings. Read the basics of making chorusing: dly+detune+lfo+panning. Start with two lines until you get close enogth to the CE-2 tone. Go on with adding more lines. Go wired! Hope it helps.

happy New Year!