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The 6640 algorithm “MIDI Chorus_Flanger” is based off an old UI from the H8000 that allows different presets or states within the loaded preset called “tweaks”. If you click the “ext tweak” icon, this will automatically map your controller to the “Tweak” parameter, and sending CC values from 1-10 will load recall the ten different states or “tweaks”. This all appears to be working correctly for me.

The “Chorus Swi…” parameter on the left side is simply and on/off switch for the Chorus and what look like a button is not, it’s just a read only parameter. I would instead just use the algorithm bypass switch. Again, this is an old UI so this is sort of a strange implementation of effect bypass that would make more sense on the H8000.

Mapping controllers is much simpler by right-clicking the desired parameter in Emote. On the front panel, from the Parameters view, click the “Quick Map” soft key, move the cursor over the parameter, and then move your expression pedal or controller. Press Quick Map again to exit the mapping menu.

Unmapping a parameter is also easier in Emote, just right-click and select unmap.