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Eventide Staff

Sorry, it’s not quite clear what the issue you are having is.

Are you saying that with the SP2016 Reverb mix at 100% you are still hearing the dry signal? I cannot reproduce this, the mix parameter is working correctly for me. Can you please make sure that the FX Chain and Algorithm mix are both at 100%? With a mix at 100% if you turn up the pre-delay to a high value like 100ms, you should hear a noticeable delay before any audio is passed.

How is your audio being routed to the FX Chain? Are you sure the dry signal isn’t being monitored somewhere else?

Do you have the SP2016 plug-in to compare? I just did a quick A/B with a snare hit and the settings I was comparing sounded the same to me. You can download a free 30-day trial if you are interested in comparing the two.

Also note that the position and diffusion parameters are not active when the Vintage Plate algorithm is selected. This is intentional since the original Plate algorithm didn’t have these parameters.

It’d be useful if you could provide audio samples of the issues you are describing.