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Took this pic a minute ago. Emote on the screen on the left, H9000 in the rack on the right, clearly powered on. Connected via ethernet cable. Emote 2.0.5[1] H9000 most recent. Was working perfectly last night. Emote will not see the H9000 until a reboot. It’ll probably be fine all day, then this will happen again. If this were a VST, I’d be dead in the water in my session. It either wouldnt open or it would cause a crash. At least standalone, I can save my work from the night before and just pull up the session from the face of the unit if I have to. It’ll power on to where I left it so thats not usually needed.


I have to be honest, these issues cause me to use my H9000 less and less lately. I really love it when its working but for me, workflow is everything. If I have to wait 2 minutes for a reboot every time this happens, I can just use a plugin and keep working. All it takes to destroy creativity is a 2 minute workflow snag and the opportunity has passed.

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