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      Under the emote section, it states the the DAW saves the state data “within emote”.  So, what does that mean?  On the computer hard disk (the same location as session->save), somewhere hidden inside the DAW file, somewhere else?  I was under the impression that there were only 2 copies, one on computer disk and one on the H9000.  Is that right?  I’m running the latest version of Logic Pro, and running emote as a plug-in (obviously).

      Also, when prompted to resume from the DAW, and I do, emote (and the H9000) both show that the default session is loaded.  Maybe I’m just stupid, but something seems out of sync here.

      I’m getting a LOT of H9000 lockups and I can’t count how many times it’s happened already, typically several times a day where I have to restart the box.

      Also, when I resume a Logic project, emote always shows the current scene in yellow.  Is this expected?  Sometimes, when I try to select the scene that I saved, the H9000 will lock up and the only solution is to restart it.

      Guys, this getting old and definitely not expected for a box that’s been out for years now. Stability just isn’t there. And please don’t tell me you’re a small team, that doesn’t cut it anymore.  Please advise…


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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry to hear you are having issues.

      If an instance of Emote is present when you save your Logic session, then the H9000’s state (all effects, routing, settings, etc.) will be saved as part of that Logic session. This is a not a file you can access from a folder on your computer, it is only accessible using the state restore pop-up. This is different than saving a Session on the H9000. In Emote, if you chose Session > Save, this will save the Session file to a location on your computer. If you choose Session > Save to H9000, this will save the data the the H9000.

      The Session always displaying “Default Session” is a known bug, and we’re looking into this. The important thing should be that the correct data is loaded, and from my testing, the state recall or manual Session loading always works correctly, but I understand that this is confusing.

      The yellow square indicates that a Scene is pending, and has not yet been loaded. For example, if you use a CC to scroll through the Scenes, the square will be yellow until you load a Scene, then it will turn green. When a Scene Map is first loaded, the Scene should be displayed yellow since it has not yet been activated.

      The lockups are not expected. If you can please email and provide a Session that includes the Scenes you are having issues with, along with some steps to reproduce the issue, we can look into this for you.

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      As stated, emote will save its settings like any other plugin.

      the only problem is I too experience lockups, lock outs, wrong Emote version messages when everything is current etc etc etc so I no longer use Emote as a plugin. It’s caused too many sessions to either crash or simply refuse to open. I only use it stand alone now.
      some bug fixes are sorely needed. Hopefully won’t be too much longer.

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      Ok, thanks for the clarifications.  It would be nice if some of these behaviors were documented.  It sounds like the session file saved to disk would only be for a backup then?

      So, @joeydego, the stability problems all go away in standalone mode?  That would be fantastic!

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      Sadly not. The same issues occur in standalone. They’re just not tied to your daw in standalone like a VST is. I was having problems in studio one with a few sessions not opening or crashing because the VST would not connect (and I’m hard wired Ethernet). My issues are:

      wrong VST/emote version. It’s not the wrong version. Everything is at most recent as of the last updates.

      VST/Standalone no longer seeing my H9000. As if it weren’t on.

      Standalone not even launching. Click and nothing. Emote simply will not launch sometimes. I think this state is what throws my DAW into fits when it’s a VST but who knows.

      a fresh reboot tends to fix things and I usually have days of stability then.

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      Interesting. I’m definitely seeing connection issues and I’m hard wired as well.  Sometimes when I try to load a session, it goes into an infinite loop.  Don’t know if this is a version issue or not. Logic will crash on occasion when things get into a funny state.

      I’m going to give standalone mode a try today and see what happens. Thanks for the info!


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      Took this pic a minute ago. Emote on the screen on the left, H9000 in the rack on the right, clearly powered on. Connected via ethernet cable. Emote 2.0.5[1] H9000 most recent. Was working perfectly last night. Emote will not see the H9000 until a reboot. It’ll probably be fine all day, then this will happen again. If this were a VST, I’d be dead in the water in my session. It either wouldnt open or it would cause a crash. At least standalone, I can save my work from the night before and just pull up the session from the face of the unit if I have to. It’ll power on to where I left it so thats not usually needed.


      I have to be honest, these issues cause me to use my H9000 less and less lately. I really love it when its working but for me, workflow is everything. If I have to wait 2 minutes for a reboot every time this happens, I can just use a plugin and keep working. All it takes to destroy creativity is a 2 minute workflow snag and the opportunity has passed.

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      Yeah, that looks familiar 🙁 .  It doesn’t seem to happen predictably either, it just works fine until it doesn’t.  Is this something that is well known or are we the only 2 people it happens to?  I’ve been running all morning in standalone mode and no problems so far (knock on wood).  I’m really reluctant to build some more complicated chains, tweak it all, program the midi, then poof, gone…

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      There’s been a lot of griping lately. I really don’t want to add to it but I’ve seen various complaints about the reliability of emote. Just hoping we get some bugs squashed soon. I don’t even care about the new algorithms so much anymore. Just make the H9000 more reliable and I’ll be happy.

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      It also happens that Emote closes unexpectedly or can no longer connect to H9000. The solution is to restart, but indeed, it takes several endless minutes.


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