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So, I finally got the unit home to my humble studio, fired it up and had it 2 errors. I forgot to get the one, something to do with ROM i think, and it displayed the other time i first turned it on. but the one said “ERROR – SUGGEST POWER DOWN, host timeout”. So it fireup, and i load up the banks, and choose delays, and choose a simple stereo delay(number 2 perhaps). I set it up with 2 aux feeds from my desk, with a simple demo from my last band. AUX 1 into #1, Aux 2 into #2. The output is routed back to 2 empty channels. I see signal is being passed to the unit, as the front input meters light up in time with the song. But no audio is being output. I check the return cables via cable tester, both pass. So now im RTFM(not my first time mind you, but first time with the unit in front of me), and i see there is both a global output and a preset output. So the global is set to 0db(max), as is the preset output. I turn up the preset slowly, and nothing. I tried this for a few presets, in different banks. Unfortunately im out of time for the night, i will continue this on Friday. Fortunately, my job gives me ample time to RTFM. So is this how a bricked unit looks/acts? I can see the banks/presets, there are parameters that can be adjusted, the input meters show incoming audio, but nothing from the outputs….unless i change a preset and then it gets LOUD for a split second. I will also be trying to get a sysex file, and see if it will load via MIDI. IF it does, i will probably keep it, and start begging for and buying presets.


I haven’t personally seen a 4500 with factory presets erased but your description looks odd to me. If presets were erased you shouldn’t see their names, nor banks. The factory test that caused the problem would have completely erased the presets flash. So I tend to think your unit has other issues. One of the problems could be the internal battery. 4500 is about 25 yrs old… that might be something you could do.

I’d also try a CLEAR SETUP and load the THRU preset, checking if audio passes thru I/Os, without hitting the DSPs.