A Search for the way to restore the original preset software to “bricked” units of the limited edition legendary DSP 4500

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      Jake Vell

      Those who own a DSP 4500 who have by default accidentally erased the factory presets know what is meant by the term a “bricked” 4500. To restore these units to original factory presets requires a software that has been lost to posterity, for unknown reasons, that nonetheless renders all 4500’s who have deleted factory presets as “bricked” meaning useless. From all reports from top Eventide repair technicians around the world, this unfortunate situation can be remedied if there’s ONE working 4500 that someone owns who would volunteer to send it to a designated certified Eventide expert to use as the one working model from which they will  re-create the “tools” and prototype, from which the original factory presets can then be restored to any “bricked:” unit. For the sake of my own bricked 4500 and everyone else out there facing the same situation,  and for the continuation of the DSP 4500 legacy, we are appealing to anyone with a working 4500 and/or, anyone with a bricked 4500 to post whatever information, leads or offers for sale of any 4500, working or not, to comment to this post, with the intent that the goal is to keep the future 4500 legacy alive and working, and with a future, rather than to see it remain in limbo, for want of access to one software tool that originally was lost seemingly by accident. The Eventide experts here already confirm inn advance that once there is a working unit to re-create the next generation software tools from it can definitely be done and they can do it. We just need one volunteer 4500 “savior” to step up and the full information / instructions will then be supplied. Thank you all for your comments, suggestions, offers in advance.

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      To be more precise, the 4500 FW used flash memory chips on which the software for the effects was stored. What’s needed is a working, programmed flash memory chip from which the 4500’s software can be copied. The software can then be installed (‘flashed’) on other 4500s whose flash chips were inadvertently cleared. Eventide discarded all its copies of its own old software when they superseded the 4500 with new models. If anyone has a working 4500, please please please respond so that we can resurrect this valuable, irreplaceable gem.

      For those wondering how the chip got cleared, it seems that in the old days Eventide had a key sequence that could clear the chip so that they could re-program it if it wasn’t working properly… back when they still had the code to re-program it.

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      Wouldn’t installing already flashed chips/copies do the trick? I’ve seen these around more than once. Wouldn’t that make this any easy fix, since people are already providing these? Just a thought…

      As far as I remember, the 4000 series still used replaceable memory. Eventide may not have it available, but its out there if it’s just the programs you are missing. Forgive me if I am not understanding the problem correctly…

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      Here’s the DSP4000 ROM, Modules, and PROGRAMS (I haven’t looked inside a 4500 lately…you’ll have to look)

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