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Definitely no screenshot necessary as I did  use in fact nodes 8+. This is because I would like to keep the Madi channel number in Cubase associated with the same Madi node number in Emote to keep my routings consistent between both.

For most it might not be a big deal as many would create a setup once and never look back. With128 channels of Madi on my setup and complex routings involving a Flock Audio Patch all hell breaks loose if you have to rearrange once in a while only. I for one built some logic which is easy to recall to avoid spending ages to reverse engineer something that I did a year ago.

I don’t know what technical limits there are but the metering should be taking into account all inputs which are connected within the chain. In any case the metering in Emote is cumbersome. Total Mix if RME comes to mind if you would like to do it right, at least in terms of viewing all I/O levels.

Maybe something for Emote 4.x