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thanks for responding. I am pretty aware of the extra metering using the Meter Bridge. While it is kind of neat to have it, it does not really help when you have complex setups.

1) I would prefer to have another tab in Emote which is dedicated to metering. I mean in RME Total mix I can see all the meters in one window, with inputs and outputs split horizontally. Ideally I would like to have a similar view and contrary to Total Mix which is really a routing app and sometimes getting complex for this reason, this one would be only a view and could be reasonably simple

2) A great help would be to have some “diagnosis” UI elements and functions to allow signal flow to be traced better

  • the new meters displaying their inputs / outputs nodes in the FX chain and highlighting them in a color within the connection editors windows in parallel
  • while hovering over a node, interactively displaying the audio level in a separate small window on top of the mouse pointer when pressing a shortcut

3) As I am a big fan of VSIG one more far off idea: I could imagine that for more expert user one could dissolve the current static layout in Emote by providing a node based editor like in VSIG for the windows layout. Imagine a similar graphical node editor with the right objects, like i.e. I/O (one for each type like analog, AES, Madi), some Meter Bridge and a FX Chain objects on top. I then could create a layout visually in this editor and as a result it would create a tab in emote with all the UI windows and elements in said tab. For me that would allow for maximum flexibility. While this might not be working out for everybody, at least those willing to customize their UI would be able to do so. In a sense you have the technology already in place so for me it would be adding 1+1 for the best user experience. At least I think it would really allow me to streamline things with this great unit for better productivity a lot.

But as always, YMMV