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…here is some h90 guidance from Joe Cozzi (Eventide Staff)


Whenever you create a new user program, you can save it directly to your Playlist as well as any other User list on the Pedal. As already explained, on H90 Control, there is a tab called Programs up top, in the middle. On that window, there’s a “List” tab next to “favorites” that allows you to just see all factory and User lists; it’s best to select the User List you created for your Programs. Then what you can do is have the Playlist on the left window and this user list on the Program window. You are able to drag and drop Programs from the user list to the Playlist.

Say, for example, you want to start from scratch. Select User 2 as your Playlist, which is filled with “INIT” Programs. Then, click Programs and select User 1 (or your custom list) from the drop down menu next to “favorites.” Now, you can drag an drop Programs to any order on the initialized playlist very easily. Just keep in mind the Programs are organized alphanumerically.”

So you can drag&drop but you have to be in the Program tab, not the Edit tab.
But in order to “Save to Library” you have to be in the Edit tab not in the Program tab.

As to how to tag a preset/Program as a Favorite, I’m still baffled…