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Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! H9000 firmware 2.1.14 and Emote 2.1.2 are now productions releases: https://www.eventideaudio.com/forums/topic/h9000-emote-latest/ I cannot comment on a timeline or features for the next update, but there are many great things in the pipeline! Feel free to let us know what you’d like to see in future releases and we’ll do our best to fit these features in.


Installed without a hitch, thank you!

I couldn’t imagine any algo that doesn’t already exist.

My minor asks are:

Please release at least betas for any other H series developed algos in fair time.

Still on my dream list is a mic pre-expansion card. That would be awesome.

Reading upthread, if there is a way to double the algo count at 48k, by all means, do this.

Quicker way to group connections, either quad/stereo/octo or otherwise. One by One gets tedious sometimes. Maybe at least a mirror input to output? So when I make an ADAT 1 input connection it auto makes an ADAT 1 output connection too? Would cut time in half for straight forward routing schemes.

DAW mode of a fixed max latency number.

Being able to favorite algos would be handy.

Organizing them in the list in emote like it is in the algorithm library would REALLY be handy. I had to print it and laminate it so it’s handy at my desk. I’d like to see the numbers correspond to their groups.