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It’s a balancing act for Eventide on letting everyone see their secret sauce v tweaking by end users.

I don’t need to see what’s in the box, but having dsp blocks available for all of the protected algorithms like they have done with the bucket brigade model would be useful.

, I’ve started to look into this.  Do you need the Bouquet Delay performance controls?  And what is the maximum delay time that you are chasing?

Could you drop me a message at https://godlike.com.au/index.php?id=contact

I’ll email you back, and it would be good if you could email me some of your chains as examples, so that I can build the range into the combined algorithm.  It won’t be exactly the same because I can’t use the Vintage or Digital delay algorithms for the clean path, but I can build a clean delay line pretty easily, and/or possibly extend the BBD delay time. Multiple feedback paths is reasonably easy.

The tricky thing with this one is getting the BBD parameters correct to match the Bouquet Delay as presented in the factory defaults.