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I added the Rupert Neve MBC as an A/D front end (great-sounding transformer unit with limiter and silk) to my H9k, and on the back end of the H9k, the Dangerous Music Convert 8, connecting to the H9k’s D-25 AES 80-channel output. In spite of the H9k’s already excellent conversion, these two additions have really done it for me. I also added a Grimm clock unit as sync master to everything, which also makes a smaller but still noticeable difference.

I always preferred the H8k’s sound for my sax and flute, but loved H9k’s ease of use, huge power, and also the pitch tracking is much faster than the H8k’s. Using RND Shelford Channels going into the RND MBC and the Convert 8 coming has made this the best of both worlds for me, and I was finally able to part with my H8k, feeling that this combination was perfect in combining my favorite aspects of both units.