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To let you (and everyone else) know that we are committed to all of our H9000 customers, we are developing prototypes.

I’m very glad to hear this (as I was committed to Eventide too, when investing in H9000 before it had all the mentioned features). 


Have you gotten anywhere with adding the option to run twice the amount of algorithms (in 44,1/48kHz) and the option to route between different DSPs?

I’ve been waiting for these since 2019, and they still are the most important missing features for me. Frankly I assumed they would have been added a good while ago already. Do you still think they will be added, or have you given up ?

Still not too many functional updates have been released for the H9000, firmware functionality wise, as the updates have mostly been to Emote. Hopefully you’ll tackle the much awaited feature updates, now that you’ve even released an iPad app for the H90 too.


Regarding the 2 algorithms per core, I believe the last update from your side was on 2011;

”It is still something that is being discussed and a feature that we’d like to include in a future release. Thanks for your patience.”

And of routing between different DSPs, in 2020;

”It turned out to be more difficult than we expected to make the UI work properly for inter-DSP connections.  We’re still planning to do this though.  We were initially just going to allow direct 1-1 patch connections, but subsequently had the idea to add mixing and gain control within the H9000 main audio router, enabling more complex setups.  We’ll get there – thanks for being patient.”


Now that we’ve been patient for 4-5 years, it would be really nice to hear something new.

If I have understood correctly, these features are all supported by the mixer/router level of the H9000, and it’s ”only” the algorithm level and the UI that needs updating?

Without any news from Eventide, it really feels like nothing’s happening, even if the team was in fact working hard on adding these?

So, thanks for any news and updates!