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Sorry, I didn’t mean to attack you in any way, or hold you personally responsible for anything. Also, english is not my first language, so didn’t mean to sound sarcastic or whiny either.

Updates (development) were mentioned, so I caught that and thought of reminding you (Eventide) of the previously mentioned features.

Also, I know from videos and forum posts that Eventide has a small team of developers, and assumed (perhaps wrongly) that you’d all be more or less aware of the currently developed features and their current status.

I understand that this thread was probably the wrong place for me to write, but again, first time in a while someone from Eventide mentions H9000 developement, so I got excited and had to comment something. At least these forums are the right place for this talk, and I still come here every day in hope to see something new added.

(And unfortunately, this forum layout is not the best, to find older threads easily.)

Hopefully I didn’t spoil your weekend.

Of course I’m thrilled to see any kind of new features added to H9000 and am thankful for your work.

I’ll leave this thread for the immersive stuff now.

All the best!