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Completely agree that the weird throw to other issues wasn’t appropriate, I’m super thankful to have devs who care posting here.

Regarding the question on what formats and how it should work, I’ll be honest that my original note on how much I’d wanted it in the H9000 was a bit of a knee jerk “that would be cool!” without thinking it through. Now that I sit down and think about it, I’m not sure how very valuable it would be.

The problem when mixing is that with a limitation of 8 I/O the algorithms would have to output into a smaller bed like 5.1.2 or something and then we’re have to map that onto whatever bed or objects we wanted in the DAW. The biggest issue is I’m usually using the H9k for other things when mixing, often using the insanely good converters for I/O with my rack gear. Plus there are some great plugs now for immersive FX so it’d have to be a lot better on the H9k to be worth it.

When tracking (a lot of my H9k use is when tracking, using the AD conversion and running the FX both for artist mix and often printing) it’s unlikely to be very useful to run the immersive FX on the H9k either.

So maybe it’s not a high priority really, unless I’m missing something that others can think of?